Finder’s keepers

This is apparently Rebecca Black’s desktop:

Screen shot from Rebecca Black's Mac

Two things (apart from Hello Kitty in the center) jumped out at me:

  • There’s a folder called “My Book.” Oh, really?
  • AIM? Seriously?

Addendum: It just dawned on me. AOL first put AIM online in May 1997. The service is therefore one month older than Rebecca Black.


  1. canadienne »

    24 May 2013 · 10:25 pm

    I’d guess the kitty is a snow leopard, as is the OS

  2. canadienne »

    25 May 2013 · 1:37 pm

    Also if you didn’t want to pay for MobileMe you could use iChat with an AIM account (only reason I have one).

  3. CGHill »

    25 May 2013 · 1:45 pm

    Hmm. Hadn’t thought of that. Then again, Apple used to allow online purchases through an AOL account, so it makes a certain amount of sense.

  4. canadienne »

    25 May 2013 · 4:36 pm

    Also “My Book” is probably a Western Digital external hard drive, that’s the default name. Not that it’s impossible that she’s actually writing a book.

  5. CGHill »

    25 May 2013 · 5:57 pm

    I’ll have to ask her about that. (Though I’m pretty sure she does have an external drive.)

    I think sometimes I learn more by being dumb on this site than I do by looking for stuff on my own.

  6. canadienne »

    26 May 2013 · 1:15 pm

    Hate to be officious (if that’s the right word) but that little orange icon with the USB symbol means its an external hard drive. If it were green it would be designated as a Time Machine backup disk, although she might be doing backups manually.

    Also she has a much tidier desktop than most of the Mac users I know.

  7. CGHill »

    26 May 2013 · 1:18 pm

    You’ll get no complaints from me. This is how I learn stuff. And when our major Mac maven departed for happier climes, I basically lost what I’d learned about Mac OS, which was not all that much to begin with.

  8. canadienne »

    26 May 2013 · 1:54 pm

    I’ve actually never used Windows more than just casually, although I just installed Windows 7 on my iMac (Fusion, not Boot Camp) to learn a bit more about the Dark Side. Started with the Mac Plus in 1986 and never found a reason to change, which means I am entitled to wear this:

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