Heartier parties

I admit to having never really been a Scene Kid, inasmuch as when there became things recognizable as a Scene, I was no longer a kid. However, I do try to pay attention to cultural phenomena, and with that in mind, I direct you to this historical artifact featuring local DJ Ed Crunk:

The current social media and flow of fashion and ideas come from the new aged generation that just breached adulthood. We are the unrecognized leaders of ideas and movements that create what we know as “the scene”. Now think about it, 20 years ago, the 80’s just ended and 90’s taking music to a completely new idea. I wish I could go back to this time. Spending most of my days worry free doing whatever I felt like as long as it didn’t bother anyone else. Which is where the drugs took their part in the creation of the sound we have today. Metal and Hardcore on the rise going harder than ever before. For the scene it was a peak and it seems we are climbing back to that peak.

I didn’t see the Nineties as being particularly worry-free, but then I was fat and fortyish and worried about everything imaginable. But that 20-year timetable makes sense: it’s about a generation wide, about the distance from your first cry in the delivery room to the first time no one questions your fake ID. (By no coincidence, Ed’s been DJing here for just about 20 years.)

After the jump, Ed at work.

Why, yes, I can listen to this, even if I can’t dance to save my life.


  1. Ed Crunk »

    7 June 2013 · 11:17 pm

    Hey! How’s it goin? This is pretty awesome, thank you!
    Just wanted to mention that the author of that piece was a tad liberal with some of what I said, possibly in an effort to paraphrase and tie together my herbal induced ramblings.
    I wouldn’t say I’ve ever lived worry free, but being on the dancefloor does lift a lot off one’s shoulders.

    Take Care!

  2. Ed Crunk »

    7 June 2013 · 11:18 pm

    oh, forgot to plug this…


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