Peevish birds

Yesterday we linked to an item about a (possibly) rogue goldfinch. This is not, I hasten to point out, a species-specific phenomenon:

A furious swirl of birds came swooping over the deck, tumbled around over the garage and then zoomed in wide arcs near the trees over the side fence. The sound they were making was without doubt screaming. They’d keep flying back towards a big tree on the opposite side of the yard where a wild chittering was happening. They’d keep doing the wide arc alarm flights towards every compass point and occasionally stop to light on the branches of the big tree. The chittering never stopped.

This was an interspecies event. Single birds would come from wherever their morning bird business was going on and they would also light near the tree. I couldn’t tell you what kinds of birds they were — they all looked black against the sunny sky — but I could see that the main swirl of alarm birds were all the same size and some of the new joiners were smaller.

If I’m Tippi Hedren, I’m looking for a bomb shelter right about now. (Disclosure: I am not actually Tippi Hedren. Below the jump: Actual Tippi Hedren, circa last summer.)

Tippi Hedren

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  1. Cripes Suzette »

    10 June 2013 · 1:09 pm

    Looking back on it, I think I was too generous in avoiding naming the birds that looked black against the sky. I didn’t want to assume anything but now I’m pretty sure that they were crows.

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