Sympathy given

Musician Emily Haines wears several hats, though the one that brought her to my attention was the one she wears as lead singer and keyboardist for the Canadian band Metric. Here she is, not wearing a hat at all:

Emily Haines photo by f_mafra

This particular song, from Metric’s 2009 album Fantasies, has been creeping into my subconscious for several weeks now, though I didn’t hunt down the video until last night. It’s at least somewhat incomprehensible, as is the song itself, but I’m fine with that, and as usual, I’m amazed at what can be done in a single shot.

Why “Metric”? Emily explains to Spin:

“[Bandmate] Jimmy [Shaw] had a song that involved a sound he’d programmed into his keyboard and called ‘Metric.’ When we saw that word on the keyboard’s LED screen it looked so electro. It had a no bullshit vibe. It was a little cold and standoffish and we’re down with that. It works for us. Some people think it has something to do with the fact that we’re from Canada — which uses the metric system. That was coincidental, though at the time we were into arty electronic stuff that was coming out of European countries that also use the metric system. But if we’d wanted to use a name that evoked Canada, we would’ve called ourselves the Toques or something.”

Besides, there’s a band called The Toques, from, um, northern Arizona.


  1. Charles Pergiel »

    13 June 2013 · 11:39 am

    Clever video. Nice legs. Really nice legs.

  2. canadienne »

    14 June 2013 · 3:38 pm

    Apropos of scantily dressed female musicians, I think you posted a link to a photo of Yuja Wang quite a while ago. She is being interviewed by Michael Enright on Sunday

    Also I am a huge fan of Metric, no matter what Emily wears.

  3. CGHill »

    14 June 2013 · 3:48 pm

    Bless you, CBC. :)

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