Look, ma, no hands!

Allstate ad as seen on Equestria DailyNow I realize that Allstate is advertising on Equestria Daily, not to reach ponies, but to reach the human fans of ponies, who, unlike ponies themselves, are likely to have actual hands. Still, seeing this at the top of the EqD sidebar ad block made me emit very silly giggles.

And since ponies presumably do things that might require insurance — well, I wouldn’t expect much of a change should Allstate decide to set up shop some day in beautiful downtown Canterlot. From my short-short (2000 words) story Dead Pony Flying, the one and only Rainbow Dash tells of anointing her successor:

At least the Element of Loyalty is in good hooves. I’ll never forget Scootaloo’s face when they told her. “It’s the happiest day of my life,” she said. And then she looked at me and said “Oops.”

And “you’re in good hooves” produces enough Googlage to tell me that this would work as an Equestrian advertising slogan.


  1. CGHill »

    18 June 2013 · 5:32 pm

    Amusingly, today EqD had a banner for Hoovers, the business-information site.

  2. fillyjonk »

    18 June 2013 · 5:50 pm

    I’m thinking the Allstate slogan has a Lyra Heartstrings joke in it somewhere.

  3. CGHill »

    18 June 2013 · 6:13 pm

    We need to fix Lyra up with Dennis Haysbert. (Haysbert? Sounds like a pony.)

    My story Somepony New opens with Lyra being perplexed that there’s a pony at the train station who sits upright the way she does — and apparently he’s dating Twilight Sparkle. I really need to do something else with everyone’s favorite minty-green unicorn.

    (There are two Lyra stories that tower over the others: Anthropology, in which she spends some time as a human, and Background Pony, in which she, um, doesn’t.)

  4. fillyjonk »

    18 June 2013 · 8:28 pm

    *I* wouldn’t mind being fixed up with Dennis Haysbert.

    I’m just sayin’.

  5. CGHill »

    18 June 2013 · 8:48 pm

    Were it within my power, I would see to it.

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