You call this social?

The social media evidently have it in for Rob O’Hara:

When I post new posts on, notifications get posted to Facebook (via the FacePress plugin) and Twitter (via WordTwit). When I need to update both Facebook and Twitter at the same time, I’ve been using TweetDeck.

Over the past week FacePress, WordTwit, and TweetDeck have all stopped working. Cheese and rice, man.

It started with TweetDeck, which forced an upgrade and then informed users that the new version no longer supports Facebook. Essentially that means that TweetDeck now only supports Twitter. That’s stupid. If it only supports Twitter, then why would I use TweetDeck? The entire point of TweetDeck was that I could funnel multiple social streams into one single interface. If TweetDeck only supports Twitter, then I’m not sure what purpose it serves. From now on I’ll just go back to using Twitter’s default interface. TweetDeck has been deleted.

The reason TweetDeck did this, of course, is because Twitter bought it and didn’t want to expend any development time supporting someone else’s API, especially Facebook’s. (Early versions of TweetDeck even supported MySpace, fercryingoutloud.)

While troubleshooting TweetDeck, I noticed that my last couple of blog posts didn’t get posted on either Facebook or Twitter. Apparently, over the past week both sites updated their APIs, causing older plugins (like the ones I was running) to stop working. Facebook said, “update your plugin”. I checked the FacePress website and was informed that the plugin hadn’t been updated in three years. Greeeeeeeat. After an hour on Google I found that Jetpack for Facebook offers the same functionality — I just didn’t know it because I’ve been running an older version of Jetpack. After upgrading it, I was able to link with Facebook once again.

Now this is out of my wheelhouse, since I’ve worked diligently to keep this site and Facebook as far apart as possible, but allow me to put in a few kind words for Jetpack, which I use on all my sites except this one: it does a whole lot without making you jump through (too many) hoops.

I had to do the same thing with Twitter. WordTwit had to be upgraded and new security keys had to be generated. After going all of that, I realized that Jetpack handles Twitter connections as well as Facebook connections, so after doing all the work to get WordTwit to work again I uninstalled it and added Twitter to Jetpack as well. Sheesh.

I used WordTwit for a while, but ultimately switched to WP to Twitter, mostly because it was better about serving up error messages. And in fact, most of the errors I encounter are due to slipping time stamps — server time here never exactly matches Twitter’s server time — or a failure to rouse the gnomes at, rather than anything related to the plugin itself.


  1. Lynn »

    18 June 2013 · 9:36 pm

    I probably shouldn’t admit publicly that I’m so out of the loop I’ve never heard of FacePress or WordTwit but I have to say I like those names, especially the latter. It sounds like an insult. Like someone who is constantly using “there” when they should use “their” or “to” when they should use “too.” Those people are such wordtwits.

  2. CGHill »

    18 June 2013 · 9:42 pm

    I can think of several people who would benefit from a high-pressure FacePress. :)

    Conan O’Brien once predicted that YouTube, Twitter and Facebook would eventually merge into one all-encompassing time sink called YouTwitFace.

  3. Bill Peschel »

    19 June 2013 · 7:04 am

    I try to avoid FB as much as possible, because I could never find my way around easily. Jetpack works very well disseminating my WP content where I want it too, and Hootsuite has performed decently for retweeting and scheduling posts I don’t generate.

  4. Lynn »

    19 June 2013 · 7:33 am

    YouFaceTwit – Ha! I love it.

  5. fillyjonk »

    19 June 2013 · 7:46 am

    “FacePress” sounds to me like a lesser version of a facepalm. Like, the idiocy doesn’t rise to the level of you smacking your own forehead, but it does give you a headache and you need to cover your eyes….

  6. McGehee »

    19 June 2013 · 9:20 am

    Which leads me to wonder whether anyone ever developed a Facebook app for the Palm Pilot…?

  7. Charles Pergiel »

    19 June 2013 · 12:45 pm

    Lynn got there first.

  8. Sauler »

    19 June 2013 · 8:20 pm

    Palm Pilot! Hell, I’m still stuck with Dell Axiom.

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