One Mississippi

I am reasonably certain that this can’t be taken literally:

My AC blows cold on my 93 s10 blazer but my clutch engages and disengages multiple times each SECOND

I mean, obviously he’s not driving: he’s counting.


  1. McGehee »

    28 June 2013 · 10:29 am

    I’m betting he misunderstood something his mechanic tried to explain to him.

  2. Jess »

    28 June 2013 · 2:19 pm

    I’m reading between the lines: The AC is short-cycling due to a low Freon charge. As the suction line pulls Freon from the evaporator, the pressure drops below the cutoff setting for the sensor. The system still cools, but is inefficient. Since any loss of refrigerant is the sign of a problem, the system needs to be checked.

    I’m thinking the compressor is short cycling, or he’s observing the wobble before the clutch finally falls completely apart, since it’s impossible for the AC to cycle that quickly.

    So now you know more about your auto air conditioner than you ever wanted to know.

    You’re welcome….and I didn’t mean to hijack your post.

  3. CGHill »

    28 June 2013 · 4:32 pm

    I understand short-cycling, kind of, but I couldn’t imagine it being that short.

    And thanks.

  4. Jeffro »

    28 June 2013 · 8:37 pm

    What Jess said – if it was overcharged, the pressure wouldn’t drop fast enough to allow the high pressure switch to allow the clutch to kick back in.

  5. mysterian »

    28 June 2013 · 11:23 pm

    what Jess said.
    been there, counted it….

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