Meanwhile in the 512

Raul G. GuerreroDuring World Tour ’08, I got a look at the nascent Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Metropolitan Park in east Austin; this was an absolute must, inasmuch as Mr. Guerrero, head of recreation in Austin for many years, was my uncle. That’s him peeking through the doorway off to the side there; there was a big Grand Opening at the park this week, and the flyer announcing the event incorporated that picture, which was nice of them. One thing I learned from him: wear longer ties.

The upgrades to the park are impressive:

Improvements to this large 400 acre park, located along the south bank of the Colorado River immediately downstream of Longhorn Dam, have been completed and the public is invited to enjoy the new amenities. The park has been developed to enhance the natural environment, with walking trails and wildlife habitat areas as primary features of the park. Native and drought tolerant plantings are also featured throughout the park.

The park features includes roadways, sidewalks, parking improvements, multi-use trails, restrooms, 2 multi-use sports field, a group picnic facility, children’s play area, large general purpose lawn area, trees, landscaping, irrigation, and a public art project. Concurrently within the park a new disc golf course was completed in 2012 and a reclaimed water distribution main provided by the Austin Water Utility will supply the park’s irrigation system. Reclaimed water use will save an estimated 10 million gallons at Colorado River Park annually.

Incidentally, there’s a little two-acre “pocket park” in south Austin named for Ricky Guerrero, son of Roy, cousin to me, taken away in his twenties.

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