Task, interrupted

I do, I think, entirely too much of this:

Have you ever been working on something (sewing or any other craft) and you get to a point where the next step is really easy to screw up beyond repair and so you just stop? You tell yourself that you’re just taking a break but you have a really hard time making yourself go back to it?

It’s not even necessary for that step to be really easy to screw up, so long as it appears daunting compared to the previous steps. I suspect a lot of project cars are subject to this phenomenon, often accompanied by the phrase “Well, damn, it looks like we’ll have to pull the engine after all.”

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  1. fillyjonk »

    4 July 2013 · 7:48 pm

    Writing exams. If I get a phone call/someone stopping by my office/ URGENT e-mail I have to deal with while writing an exam, I have a tendency to come back to it and write the same question in a slightly different way further down the exam. Or forget to put in a vital diagram. Or screw up the numbering.

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