The fuller portfolio man

Stockbrokers are now peddling their wares door to door. Or at least one of them is: Edward Jones, the St. Louis-based investment firm that maintains strip-mall offices, each with a single counselor, dropped by the palatial estate at Surlywood this morning, while normal people are at work. Upon receiving no answer at the door, the chap left a booklet whose middle pages incorporated a table containing about 180 widely held stocks and their one-word advice (BUY, HOLD, SELL) on each.

I did like the disclaimer:

The Edward Jones Research department typically recommends industry-leading companies that appear reasonably valued. A well-diversified approach is typically used without significant over- or under-weighting (in comparison to the S&P 500) in any one sector. An index is not managed and is unavailable for direct investment. Performance results do not represent actual trading and may not reflect the impact that material economic and market factors might have on our decision making if we were actually managing clients’ money.

For an investment firm, this seems unusually forthright.


  1. fillyjonk »

    24 July 2013 · 7:27 am

    Well, I suppose the Do Not Call list has sharply cut into their opportunities to cold-call possible clients.

    (Question: is a “No Solicitors” sign on the door the physical equivalent of a Do Not Call registry?)

  2. CGHill »

    24 July 2013 · 11:16 am

    Physical, perhaps. Legal, probably not. (And in terms of effectiveness, neither has much.)

  3. fillyjonk »

    24 July 2013 · 2:21 pm

    Yeah. #$&@#$ “Rachel” and all her ilk.

  4. CGHill »

    26 July 2013 · 9:13 pm


  5. CGHill »

    30 July 2013 · 11:56 am

    (I can’t believe I said something like “abso-freaking-lutely.”)

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