That doesn’t love a wall

You may remember the 2008 film Role Models, starring Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott as a couple of energy-drink salesmen who end up having to perform community service in lieu of going to jail for a couple of auto-related misdemeanors.

The poster for the Stateside release was relatively mild-mannered, apart from what appears to be a nod to the cover of Who’s next:

Poster for Role Models

In France — though not in French-speaking Québec, where the title was simply translated into Des Gars Modèles — the film was retitled Les Grands Frères — “The Big Brothers” — and the poster focused on neither of them:

Poster for Les Grands Freres

Not that I’m complaining.

From the purely typographical standpoint, I am amused by how the trailing end of the R becomes the accent grave over the first E in “Frères.” I admit, though, that this wasn’t what drew my initial attention.

(This started with a tweet from Nancy Friedman pointing to “15 Over-Used Movie Poster Clichés.” Les Grands Frères is the very last poster in the set.)

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