Lightning again

I hadn’t heard of Debra Baum before she became Rebecca Black’s manager. That particular event was groundbreaking enough to insure that the next time Baum had a teenage singer to pitch, I’d pay serious attention.

And here is the singer. Meet Sabrina Lentini:

She’s just turned fifteen, from Orange County, California (stop me if you’ve heard this), and she was one of a dozen contestants — Minors, shall we say — on Majors & Minors, a music-competition series on the Hub. Among the Majors participating: Brandy, Colbie Caillat, Avril Lavigne, (Brandy was the show’s producer.) Sabrina did not win, but she did make some connections, and she’s since self-released an EP called No Price for Love. Here’s the title song:

To these ears, she splits the difference between Melanie and Colbie. (In fact, there exists footage of her singing “Brand New Key.”) And unlike RB, she’s writing her own stuff. I’m looking forward to seeing how her career progresses.

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