Demotional rescue

I reached the tipping point — or maybe the tipping point-zero — in two separate instances on two different software packages on two different machines yesterday. However, I maintain one standard response to such things: “Like hell you will.”

Apache is now distributing OpenOffice, formerly, and I’m thinking that they might want to take their name off it. I installed 4.0.0 on the work box not so long ago, and was rewarded for my efforts with feature bloat and unnecessarily complicated toolbars. That sort of thing I’m used to. But then it started to crash on a regular basis. I figure any spreadsheet software that fails on an effort to insert four lousy lines — no formulas or anything — into a 16k single-sheet document needs to die, and pronto. I banished the offending version and went back to 3.3.0, which I still had in a directory somewhere.

At home, things were even more drastic. DivX, a nice little package of codecs and converters and whatnot, has been pestering me for updates for some time now, and when I gave in, they threw up a whole new splash screen telling me how wonderful this new toolbar was. Now I look upon toolbars approximately the way I look upon cold-air intakes: they might have been useful twenty years ago, but they’re not getting near my engine. I duly unchecked the box, which also threatened me with a whole new search engine, and a new splash screen came up with the option greyed out — but still, technically, checked. Out you go, DivX, and never darken my drives again. I suppose I’ll have to sacrifice a few video clips, or wait until VLC’s next act of codecsterity, but I am not giving anyone the chance to load any more garbage on this box than is already there.


  1. Scooby214 »

    23 August 2013 · 6:44 pm

    I received a new PC at work, and installed OpenOffice 4.0.0 on it. I don’t like the toolbar on it, and haven’t found any real improvements over OOo 3.2 I had on the old box. 4.0 hasn’t started crashing on me (yet).

  2. jsallison »

    23 August 2013 · 11:31 pm

    I went from OpenOffice to LibreOffice, supposedly a goodly number of the developers of OO migrated over to LO. Of course, I don’t come anywhere close to pushing any productivity suite’s limits.

  3. Roger Green »

    24 August 2013 · 6:42 am

    I realized only relatively recently that what I had thought was my technophobia was actually merely frustration that things that are supposed to work better than the previous iteration often do not. It’s not me, it’s THEM.

  4. CGHill »

    24 August 2013 · 11:55 am

    Remember: it’s update, not upgrade.

  5. They Hide It In Your Food | Hit Coffee »

    26 August 2013 · 8:45 am

    […] bundled with questionable software. And not just that, but the same sort of software. CG Hill had noticed it as well, with OpenOffice and Divx. It turns out, there was a reason for […]

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