And it will remain half empty

I took a statin for a year or two, which failed to budge my cholesterol number from the upper 190s, and which made me achier than a weekend’s worth of yard work. So gradually I weaned myself away from the drug, and cholesterol immediately dropped to 165, where it’s been, give or take a couple of points, ever since.

Which means that, this risk factor now eliminated, I can do something that I probably didn’t really want to do after all:

Who in their right mind purchases grapefruit juice — besides the poor, misguided fools (such as I) who thought their enjoyment of Izze’s sparkling grapefruit juice would transfer? It tastes like distilled pus. Or the juiced musk of an African civet.

Hey, at least it’s distilled.

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  1. McGehee »

    27 August 2013 · 7:49 am

    I’ve actually bought, and rather (learned to) enjoy ruby red grapefruit juice — though the fact I didn’t know Izze from Fuzzy Wuzzy until this very moment may have helped in that regard.

    I do miss Ruby Red Squirt, though I knew already that it didn’t taste anything at all like juice, what with having had a grapefruit tree right outside the back door while I was growing up.

    Oh, did I leave that part out?

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