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Judy by Judy CollinsYou may or may not recall Judy, this late-Sixties compilation of early Judy Collins tracks, issued on Elektra Records as DS 500, which I duly added to my then-burgeoning collection along with a couple of other contemporary releases of hers. (Here’s the track listing from Discogs, where it’s listed as a promo.) AudioPhile USA, which specializes in “rare & collectible vinyl records,” recently had offered a copy of it, since sold, and in its listing quoted Bruce Eder of AllMusic Guide thusly:

This somewhat mysterious album — apparently a promotional item — is identical in content to the 1969 compilation Recollections: The Best of Judy Collins, with a different title and cover art (and minimalist back cover design) being its distinguishing characteristics. As with Recollections, this is a look back at Collins from her all-acoustic, folk music beginnings, which were already behind her in the wake of In My Life, Wildflowers, etc., and the pop hit “Both Sides Now”. It’s as valuable a vinyl account of her early period as one had in 1969, other than the original LPs.

It’s only mysterious if you hadn’t done the background research, which I did in 1970 upon acquisition of this LP, noting its similarity to Recollections, which was all over local stores, and the odd catalog number: Elektra LPs back then had a 4000 series for $4.98-list LPs, 5000 for $5.98, and a 7 prefix for stereo. (Recollections was EKS 74055.) I duly hauled out my typewriter and pounded out a letter to Elektra, asking what gives, and had Judy gone schizo or something? (Hey, I was sixteen and unrefined.)

She had not, Keith Holzman of Elektra — founder Jac’s younger brother — assured me; this was a special-products release issued through the Columbia Record Club. Had I bought this from Columbia? I had. Question resolved.

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  1. Roger Green »

    25 August 2013 · 12:04 pm

    record club! that explains EVERYTHING!

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