Strange search-engine queries (399)

“Three hundred ninety-nine? So you’d say you’ve done a lot of these?”

“It would so seem, yes.”

(If you missed it, here’s #1, from eight years ago, before I ever envisioned numbering them.)

who sells tastykakes near greenback tn:  You mean there isn’t an app for that?

seebigpenises:  There are probably too many apps for that.

SCORPIO DATE OF BIRTH 16 NOVEMBER 2002 GIRL ZODIAC ASTROLOGY THEY HAVE BORN BROTHER ON THIS STAR OF GIRL:  I suggest that maybe you ought not to be looking for ten-year-old girls on the Net.

can you put 14″ tires on a 1997 mazda 626 ES?  That depends. Does it have 14″ wheels?

words no longer used at work:  Among others, “full-time.”

mazda 626 1996 auto has always been jerky since new i suppose this is normal is it any body o:  On the upside, consider that you’ve made it seventeen years without a rebuild.

262144th notes in music:  You can’t play that fast, or that slow. Trust me.

sitting on a bench body language:  Pretty well stylized, unless you’re on the Group W bench.

misery compromise:  More simply expressed: “Meh.”

since every piece of matter in the universe is in some way affected by every other piece of matter in the universe is it in theory possible to ex:  You can ex all you like. What you can’t do is why or zed.

after wearing seat belts became mandatory drivers reacted by driving faster and less carefully this is consistant with what principle of economics:  The one where Krugman thinks you should take the bus.

withi thieves I consort with the vilest in shorts I’m quite and Eve in depravity get all the vine use me and service can’t lose me for I am the center of gravity:  Calm down, Senator. It’s just the drugs talking. Did we mention they’re changing your co-pay?


  1. canadienne »

    23 September 2013 · 1:45 pm


    Are you a closet Brit or Canadian?

  2. CGHill »

    23 September 2013 · 2:42 pm

    No. But “zed,” to me, added that air of finality that “zee” somehow didn’t.

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