Unwelcome advice

I get back from a routine medical appointment, and what’s waiting in the spam queue? This:

Everything arrives down to self-control. Should you be making the most of the benefits of using tobacco weed and you happen to be making an attempt to look at your %anchor%, really don’t go nuts on treats, or smoke in advance of a meal once you now have portions established. I generally have much healthier snack solutions offered if I smoke and i count my energy. Obtaining blazed then ingesting an entire pizza? Nah. I reach for fruit. Just because you’re substantial would not suggest you have to consume.

Just because you’re insubstantial would not suggest you have to spam.

Incidentally, the proffered link goes to some place that vends “slimming pills,” presumably guaranteed to lighten your wallet on contact.


  1. McGehee »

    1 October 2013 · 9:40 am


    The euphemisms people come up with!

  2. fillyjonk »

    1 October 2013 · 11:03 am

    So being a smoker makes a person eat more healthfully? I’m betting this diet plan was written by that Sheik you quote below on the topic of women driving.

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