Not bad for four bucks

The chap who runs Scouting New York had a brainstorm the other day: hey, here I am in south Jersey, why not dash into Atlantic City and see all the Monopoly® properties as they are today?

Near 2000 Baltic Avenue Atlantic City by ScoutingNY.comAnd so he did — at least for the residential properties, anyway. (If you were hoping for a glance at the Water Works, well, you’re out of luck.) The snippet to the side is Baltic Avenue; you can see a T-Mobile store at the left, and that rotunda-ish thing at the far right is the semi-grand entrance to the Tanger Outlet Stores. The store right before the corner is J. Crew, and who would have thought there’d be a J. Crew on Baltic? Maybe Kentucky or Illinois, but certainly not Baltic. And if I remember correctly, there’s no free parking anywhere in Atlantic City.

(Swiped from Joy McCann’s Facebook wall, because if there’s anyone I trust implicitly to give me the East Coast scoop, it’s someone from Los Angeles County.)

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