Quote of the week

The question comes from Human Events: “Do you think the member of Congress that serves your district is doing a better job than Congress as a whole?”

Jimmy Paul Lankford? Well, he has the advantage of not being Maxine Waters, but he’s hardly unique in that respect.

But Tam, as she often does, says it best:

[I]f there’s a lower bar than “better job than Congress as a whole”, it’s currently being used at a paramecium limbo contest. My previous representative was Andre Carson who, while a genial enough dude, I wouldn’t trust with a burnt-out match without adult supervision. His sole redeeming quality as a government official was that I got to vote against him with savage glee every two years.

A “paramecium limbo contest.” I am awed. (“How low can you go?” asked jesting Chubby.)


  1. Roger Green »

    6 October 2013 · 5:22 am

    Almost everyone does – I mean, think their Congressperson is better than Congress as a whole. And liberal districts aren’t going to suddenly vote for Republicans, any more than the Tea Party districts would elect a Maxine Waters. So the “throw the bums out” can only happen in the very few marginal districts.

  2. CGHill »

    6 October 2013 · 11:27 am

    It’s the whole perceived “constituent service” thing. That, even more than gerrymandering, is what keeps incumbents in office.

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