A fitting tribute

Yesterday morning Norm Geras died, and I struggled to say something appropriate about the man, a fixture in the blogosphere for a decade, and one of the last of a dying breed: the Thoughtful Partisan.

An example of that thoughtfulness: his legendary normblog profile, which he sent to select members of blogdom at all points on the political continuum. The instructions contained the following:

Please NB that you should not answer all 50 questions, but (as requested on the document itself) just 30 of them — enabling you to select those questions most congenial to you and leave out any that aren’t.

The wisdom of this practice really didn’t dawn on me until I’d submitted my answers, when I realized that this was how Norm knew what you really valued above all else.

I mention this here (1) to correct my previous article, which claimed that there were 48 items in the questionnaire, and (2) to point you to normfest, a celebration of normblogging and a tribute to the man who made it a word of its own.

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  1. Tatyana »

    20 October 2013 · 6:11 am

    Oh. how sad. With him gone the whole epoch; he was a fixture at the beginning, and he saw it slowly wasting away.
    It was always interesting to read normprofiles, even re; the bloggers from the opposite persuasion -if anything, to test myself on understanding how they got to be what they are. I gotta say, I encountered several surprises.
    Thoughtful Partisan – yes, that’s right; but also I could never forget that he was a principled socialist and as a professor, a propagandist of his ideology.

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