Instant incentive

I usually fill up at the same C-store every other week: it’s about halfway between my house and one of my preferred supermarkets, and unlike some others I could name, has not imposed a surcharge for premium beyond 30 cents per gallon. The posted price for regular yesterday, as it was two weeks ago, was $2.999, so I expected to find premium for $3.299, and sure enough, that’s what it said on the pump.

There were signs all over the place promoting V-Power, Shell’s version of premium, which was nothing unusual. What I didn’t expect was the pump to reset itself to $3.249 before I started.

On the bottom of the receipt tape:

You received 5cpg off today’s purchase just for buying Shell V-Power! Shell V-Power actively cleans for better performance.

And hey, if they’re going to let me keep 59 cents out of a $38 fillup, that’s fine with me. I just hope they didn’t take it out of the retailer’s hide: they make next to nothing on gas as it is.

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