Goblin report

Previous record: 102, recorded in 2010. I didn’t expect to break that; in fact, I bought only enough Dental Mayhem for about seventy.

The city didn’t put out a curfew. However, some neighborhoods posted signs saying you had to finish up by 8 pm (70 minutes after sunset), and things dried up here rapidly after 7:59. Final total was forty-five, third highest on record.

Best costume, I thought, was worn by a tween girl who, had she been helmeted, would have been a passable Yori from Tron. Most of the lights worked, too. (She got an extra pack of Butterfinger Snackerz.)


  1. Nicole »

    31 October 2013 · 8:43 pm

    Sigh. I had a group of 7 teens, almost all without noticeable costumes and a baby who cried when I took my mask *off.” Not a winning Halloween this year. Sounds like yours was pretty good though.

  2. CGHill »

    31 October 2013 · 9:34 pm

    I did pretty well, I think, for a bit less than two hours, especially since the first batch didn’t arrive until after sunset. (Like you can see porch lights when there’s sun. Duh.)

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