Two words: “tinted glass”

A rather scary Harris Interactive poll reveals some things you didn’t want to know about the occupant of the next lane over:

While behaviors of others can be annoying, drivers admitted that they would engage in some interesting activities in their cars if they knew people could not see them. More than half (54 percent) said they would consider singing aloud in their cars. Almost a third (30 percent) would consider picking their nose, 19 percent would think about changing clothes, 15 percent would ponder having sex and nine percent would contemplate driving naked.

For the record, I have done almost all of these, no “pondering” necessary. (In fact, singing is an almost-daily event, depending on what the little music box serves up.)


  1. McGehee »

    1 November 2013 · 4:38 pm

    Wait — people can see me singing aloud in my vehicle!??

    Could be worse; at least they can’t hear me.

  2. CGHill »

    1 November 2013 · 6:33 pm

    I don’t think anyone’s going to hear me over the racket of the Northwest Distressway.

  3. Nicole »

    1 November 2013 · 7:07 pm

    I, too, sing whenever I know the words. And I have been known to sing Winnie The Pooh and Sesame Street songs – especially when I was taking the fond-of-cars cat out for drives. She liked my singing. :)

  4. canadienne »

    1 November 2013 · 7:37 pm

    Pretty sure some of those activities would constitute distracted driving. We have laws here.

  5. Tatyana »

    2 November 2013 · 1:25 pm

    Thank god I don’t drive! No busybody prohibits me anything on my own territory

  6. CGHill »

    2 November 2013 · 2:05 pm

    Don’t say it too loud. Nanny Bloomberg might hear you.

  7. Tatyana »

    2 November 2013 · 5:11 pm

    Not for long, haha! We’re finally getting rid of him.
    Of course, it looks like the election shaping in direction of “worst come to worst”, I mean Bill de Blasio, the commie hypocrite. So maybe 2 years from now we’ll feel nostalgic of Bloomy years, as unlikely as it sounds now…

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