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Much to my amazement, I now have HD. Sort of.

Monday I ordered this little LCD HDTV set for not a whole lot of money, and it arrived today in entirely too pretty a box.

In fact, that may be the whole issue with this set: it’s too pretty. Functionality is there, mostly, but you have to look for it, and my capacity for finding such seems to be on the wane of late.

For instance: this set seemed perfect, at a mere 15 lb, for the articulated arm that sticks out of the bedroom wall to accommodate a television set. And indeed the arm isn’t strained in the least. On the downside, the set is too narrow to take full advantage of the supports provided, and there is one noticeable form of strain: eyestrain, since I apparently can’t see up that high anymore without craning my neck, which would cause yet another noticeable form of strain.

So it sits on the dresser, atop a DVD player. Noticeable good things:

  • This being a factory refurb, there might be some concern over bad pixels. I didn’t see any.
  • The picture was nearly perfect as shipped; I didn’t make any of my usual video tweaks.
  • Distinctly better tuner than my Sony Wega.

Noticeable bad things:

  • The program guide is utterly useless, since it’s dependent on having the correct time, and there’s apparently no way to set the time manually: you have to rely on PBS’s time signal, which OETA doesn’t deign to transmit. (I never could get the Sony to pick up the time, either.)
  • Actually, that’s about it.

And yes, this was bought from Woot, which sold over a thousand of them in nine and a half hours, most of which were dark.

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  1. McGehee »

    23 May 2007 · 9:04 pm

    I’ve contemplated getting an LCD HD-capable TV the last couple of days, but our existing !HDTV has a 27″ screen and I’m not interested in trading down just for the sake of novelty. And the prices on HDs bigger than 27″ are a tad steep for my taste, even in LCD.

    And if I’m going to spend a lot of money for mere television, it might as well be plasma.

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