Hey, at least they asked

Apple delivered iTunes 11.1.3 this past week, and as usual, the Standard Sources kicked up all manner of information about what’s new in the Mac OS version, most of which doesn’t apply to us poor Windows heathen.

That said, while the install was as tedious as ever, I caught one little bit of phraseology whipping by above the status bar: “Checking to see if system restart is necessary.”

Would that actual Windows applications had that much courtesy.


  1. Dan T. »

    10 November 2013 · 12:17 pm

    iTunes has been pretty good at not forcing a reboot for me lately, unlike how it used to be.

    It *does* have the annoying feature of resetting the checkbox where I said, “No, I DON’T want you to keep bugging me about how your program is not the default player for every audio format known to man and I ought to fix that” with every upgrade, so I have to check it again.

    And hope springs eternal that this update, at long last, will be the one that finally fixes the persistent bugs I’m plagued with, such as the fact that every freakin’ time I download anything it thinks I’m doing it from a new unregistered PC, and tosses up a few hoops for me to go through and sends a warning e-mail about a new PC being used by iTunes.

  2. CGHill »

    10 November 2013 · 12:31 pm

    For some reason I’ve not had this latter problem of late, despite two different update paths on two different machines. (The work box has the Apple Software Update widget going; the home box sends me out to apple.com to fetch a new 100-meg update package.) I continue to be concerned about its cavalier consumption of system resources.

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