Datsunny dispositions

In thirty-five states, the Ford F-150 pickup truck is the single best-selling motor vehicle. This of course means that something actually outsells the F-150 in the remaining states, but I have to admit, I wouldn’t have figured this: Oklahomans buy more Nissan Altimas than anything else.

Then again, maybe I should have. If everybody actually shows up to work, the parking lot will be awash in Nissan products: apart from my Infiniti, you’ll find a Frontier pickup, a Maxima, and two — sometimes three — Altimas. (El Jefe has, or at least had for several years, the massive Armada SUV, and I’ve seen him in a Z.) Only Chevy comes close. I’m guessing this is because none of us, El Jefe included, are getting rich.


  1. Jennifer »

    4 December 2013 · 11:14 am

    I’m not shocked. My little Spec-V is often flanked by a Maxima and an Altima

  2. CGHill »

    4 December 2013 · 5:52 pm

    Curiously, another Jennifer who frequents these parts drives an Infiniti G. Now I’m wondering if this Nissanity is a Jennifer thing.

  3. Jennifer »

    4 December 2013 · 9:22 pm

    My last car was a BMW. Although, the other vehicle in the driveway is a Nissan Hardbody and my car previous to the BMW was a 280zx, so you might have something there.

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