Ice Station Yankee

This particular manifestation of global warming dumped about ¾ inch of ice over the city, similar or slightly smaller amounts across the rest of the state, and generally made life difficult for as many as possible. As late as Friday noon it looked like an inconvenience, but not much more than that — except for this one Weather Guy who called it Thursday night:

Brace yourself for Epic Ice Storm Impact … tonight’s hi-res model has brought in even colder temperatures and lower dewpoints during this entire winter storm and much farther south and east than before. That’s good news for me because it means my forecast from Monday remains unchanged. It also means you’re about to see everyone else change their forecast at the last minute to follow suit. Either that or they’ll wait one more run (the morning one or wait to see other models come around to the same solution) before going all out balls to the wall. Lets just say everyone better hope tonight’s run is wrong or this will be an epic event roughly along the I-44 corridor.

Ah, the dreaded I-44 corridor. I said this yesterday just before what would have been sunset had we any sun:

ODOT: Call me.

Damage report for the palatial estate at Surlywood: one of the twin redbuds was cut almost in half; a couple of questionable fence panels are now essentially horizontal; I had to remove low-hanging bits of mulberry above the driveway to get my car out. Otherwise, not too terribly terrible, and probably less heinous than the horror that was the December ’07 storm.

Oh, and speaking of the December ’07 storm:

I can only hope that we won’t see another ice storm of this magnitude for another five or six years!

Next time, say “twelve or fourteen.” Or “fifty.”


  1. ms7168 »

    21 December 2013 · 11:06 pm

    I was without power due to the December ’07 storm for three days.
    Fortunately I had some friends who had power and let me stay with them until mine returned. Some were not so lucky! So far this one has not had real widespread outages and also the electric companies are doing a better job of staying on top of things.

  2. CGHill »

    21 December 2013 · 11:29 pm

    Far better this time around. I think the worst report on OG&E’s SystemWatch (which actually went down briefly) was about 20,000. There were something like 200,000 in the dark in ’07.

    Update: 235,000.

  3. ms7168 »

    22 December 2013 · 7:48 am

    The one in 2001 that he mentioned in the article I had a lot more tree damage. One of mine lost just about all of it’s limbs. It survived. The limbs took my phone line and cable down as they went and tried to take the electric line but it was stubborn. It bent the terminal on my roof however. My power was only off for twenty hours. Cox came out and put the cable back up the next day. Telco did not put their line back up for over a week. Some guys who were just walking down the street offered to clean up my back yard and came back with a truck and took all of the limbs and did not charge me anything.

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    22 December 2013 · 3:54 pm

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