So this is Christmas

Remember when the holidays weren’t politicized to a fare-thee-well? Well, I do.


  1. ms7168 »

    25 December 2013 · 11:41 am

    This year was truly pitiful. As soon as they got the Halloween decorations down they put the Christmas decorations up! And some even sooner than that.

  2. ms7168 »

    25 December 2013 · 11:43 am

    And radio stations who would normally wait until after Thanksgiving or even into December somewhat to start their All Christmas Music format started the beginning of November!

  3. McGehee »

    25 December 2013 · 1:27 pm

    Jesus’ own objection to crass commercialism was limited to moneychangers in the Temple. The notion of a worldwide birthday party in His honor, in December yet, with Scrooges and Grinches and a fat, jolly St. Nicholas…?

    Jesus facepalmed.

  4. Tatyana »

    26 December 2013 · 8:29 am

    I hate to open your eyes (hope pain reliever IS working, though – reminder that I have to get out and go to drugstore to get some for myself), but there is no two kinds of atheists. We all come from the same basic truth: all deities are product of human imagination and those who believe otherwise are simply wrong.
    It’s just the “amiable” ones, as Frances calls us in his scribble prefer not to waste their energy on useless endeavors, and the “evangelical” brand still have belief in resolving issues via discussion. Personally, I am fatalistic about it and just let people have their various quirks, as long as they don’t step on mine.

  5. Francis W. Porretto »

    26 December 2013 · 1:28 pm

    Yo, Tatyana: If you assert as “basic truth” that “all deities are product of human imagination,” you have three obvious problems;
    — A funny idea what constitutes “basic” (i.e., objectively demonstrable) truth;
    — A religious faith of your own that’s as unverifiable and unfalsifiable as mine;
    — And negligence in proofreading: Always proofread carefully, just in case you any words out!

    Apropos of nothing, my first name is Francis. I took care to spell your name correctly, as you can see above. The next time you denigrate one of my “scribbles,” here or elsewhere, I’d appreciate a return of the courtesy. Assuming you’re capable of remembering it, of course.

  6. Tatyana »

    26 December 2013 · 2:41 pm

    Apologies, Francis, didn’t mean to offend you by inadvertently suggesting you are – oh horror – a woman! It was a typo, not a slight.

    I know it’s an article of faith in people like you that atheists are “believers” – that’s not true. [didn’t we were at this before? this conversation is so stale, so deja vu] I am too bored with the subject of religion in general to get into fruitless discussions with you on any related subject.

    I didn’t left any words out in that sentence, as far as I can see – but if I did, I’m glad that’s the only thing you can find to fume about. Thank the non-existing god now are not the times of autodafe and Jewish persecutions by your church – you’d be the first after me.


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