While the ball drops

It is a tradition in parts of South America, says Fausta, to wear fresh yellow underwear to ring in the New Year:

Among the traditions, is wearing yellow underwear at the moment when New Year arrives. According to beliefs, doing so brings wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

Venezuela, the country with the least prosperity, had difficulty following the tradition:

Agencia Carabobeña de Noticias (News Agency of Carabobo, ACN) reported that this year, Yellow Underwear is Rare and Costly, with panty prices increasing by 73% and 185% (depending on the shop) since 2012. Bra inflation was worse, with prices increasing by 300% to 500%. Men’s underpants doubled in price (the article doesn’t specify jockeys or boxers). ACN also itemized the rise in prices in the foods traditionally served on New Year’s Eve, with similar results.

The Venezuelan government, still emotionally wedded to the halfwit Marxism of Chávez, presumably blames gnomes.


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    1 January 2014 · 6:01 pm

    […] for good luck — so I parted ways with my old, sooted and burned kettle. Turned out I also followed a South-American tradition, unknowingly — so I expect this year to shower me with all kinds of [international] goodies […]

  2. Joseph Hertzlinger »

    1 January 2014 · 10:32 pm

    I thought yellow underwear was a sign of bladder trouble.

  3. Fausta »

    6 January 2014 · 1:37 pm

    Thanks for the link!

    Not that kind of yellow, Joseph.

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