Look busy, Sam’s coming

Back in 2007, I noted:

They’re clearing off the lot on the northwest corner of 39th and May, which means that there will probably never be another Dodge dealership at that location.

Which there won’t; but it took six years to find out what will be there. Sam’s Club, assuming city approval, will occupy the lot, minus the actual corner, which contains a Circle K.

This means, of course, that the property owners gave up their idea for a strip mall on the premises, but you have to figure that Sam’s will draw a whole lot of traffic just by dint of being Sam’s.

The lot extends to 42nd; Luther Dulaney Park lies to the north and west. Area residents, at least on the east side of May, have long been calling for a traffic light at 43rd. This may be their best chance to get it.

Upside: That godawful “Cash For Gold” sign on the west side of May is good as gone.

Downside: The actual “Cash For Gold” place, in the Dakota Financial building along 39th just past this development, isn’t going anywhere.

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