Nanoe, nanoe

With any hair dryer, the operative syllable is “dry”; that’s what it does to your hair, and that’s also what it does to your hair, if you know what I mean.

Well, delete “any,” and say hello to Panasonic’s EH-NA65-K, which you can call “nanoe”:

Our unique nanoe™ technology takes the moisture from your hair and in the air, and uses it to create tiny, moisture-rich particles that are small enough to penetrate the shafts of your hair, helping to strengthen and protect it against damage from heat and brushing.

Just remember that it’s three syllables: na-no-E.

Geeknado reports from CES:

Panasonic will be showing off the $179 blowdryer at its CES booth, where journalists can spare a few hotel towels and have their hair dried at the conference instead.

“Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I think we’re the first to offer a salon service on the CES floor,” said Julie Bauer, President of Panasonic Consumer Electronics, who clearly wasn’t lying earlier in the morning when she said Panasonic was more than just a TV company.

They also make digital cameras, one of which I have owned for several years now.


  1. SnoopyTheGoon »

    10 January 2014 · 10:23 am

    The question is what OS does this gizmo use, and would it be able to connect to other appliances, like this uber-annoying one:

  2. CGHill »

    10 January 2014 · 11:12 am

    I have a Sonicare, which is exasperating enough without being, um, wired.

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