So by-God stubborn

The Iowa State Fair is going cashless, and some people have a problem with that:

A plan to eliminate cash sales at food vendors and other Iowa State Fair attractions drew strong backlash from Iowans soon after the new system was made public Tuesday, with some threatening to boycott the iconic summer event.

Officials said Tuesday that fairgoers will go “cashless” in 2014. Instead, visitors will buy tickets to use at food concessions and to ride the Giant Slide. The Midway is not included in the new plan.

Many objections were raised, but this was my favorite:

“It’s a tactic to get people to spend more money than they normally would. Similar to theft but with funnel cakes,” Bill Heydenreich wrote on the [Des Moines] Register’s Facebook wall.

The Texas State Fair went cashless years ago; the Colorado State Fair started a refillable-card system last year.

Update: That which can be done can also be undone.

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