Perhaps not so by-God stubborn after all

Remember that plan to make the Iowa State Fair totally cashless? Totally withdrawn:

The Iowa State Fair board gave the people what they wanted Thursday when it shelved plans for a cashless system for food and one attraction at the 2014 fair.

The backlash against the plan was immediate. People flooded social media with howls of protest, and some threatened to boycott the fair. On Wednesday, Gov. Terry Branstad weighed in by suggesting the fair board listen to people’s concerns.

State Fair CEO Gary Slater says the plan never got a fair (sorry about that) hearing:

Fair officials don’t believe the move would result in long waits for tickets. Despite this, [Slater] said most of this week’s clamor was based on unfounded anger that customers would have to suffer through long lines. “When you don’t get the opportunity to say that in a social media world … it just backs you into a corner,” Slater said. “You don’t have much power, you don’t have much ability to get the real story out there, because everybody thinks you’re trying to get them.”

Is there any reason why they shouldn’t think that?


  1. john salmon »

    11 January 2014 · 5:31 pm

    Music Man-didn’t get it at first…

  2. Roger Green »

    11 January 2014 · 7:24 pm

    It must be a Shelbyville thing…

  3. CGHill »

    11 January 2014 · 9:44 pm

    Maybe we should check North Haverbrook.

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