Terrible Twos extended

Icepick is not fooled by that “Trusting Threes” routine:

The “Terrible Twos” are merely a marketing ploy by three-year-olds, designed to throw parents off the track of how bad three-year-olds behave. You see, by the time a child hits three they become very capable, in an absolute sense. By this I mean they know how things work: doors, locks, caps on spice bottles, plumbing fixtures, ladders, chain saws, lathes, Machiavellian interpersonal machinations, etc. They can do a lot with those skills, in an absolute sense. And they all have the same kind of outlook on law and order that one would expect of devotees of the Anarchist Cookbook.

Allegedly, I was three for about four and a half years. I don’t remember it that way, but of course I wouldn’t.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    17 January 2014 · 12:44 pm

    This sort of thing is why I just go “uh-huh” and keep on doubting when some person talks about how children are innocent angels, yet to be corrupted by this world. (I tend to think they’re more like wolf cubs, in desperate need of an education in how to properly socialize in the pack)

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