The pained, it’s plain, look vainly at the mains

Woe betide the Brit whose new house actually has enough power outlets. Why, he’s not doing his part for the environment:

Builders are installing twice the number of plug sockets in new houses than 30 years ago, a move that brings into question the industry’s commitment to zero carbon homes.

The National House Building Council has recently recommended that all new three bedroom homes to be fitted with 38 plug sockets, up from 17 in 1977.

My 60-year-old three-bedroom home has a mere twelve, including the 220 line for the range. Seventeen would be a major improvement, 38 a dream come true. Then again, I live alone:

According to a survey by energy company E.ON, 68 per cent of people feel that 38 sockets are not enough and 92 per cent of homes claim to use an average of three multi-plug extension leads each day. Children are mostly to blame, with eight out of 10 having both a television and a DVD player in their own room.

I’d love to blame the children, but I have a television, a DVD player, a clock-radio, a radio without a clock, two lamps and an electric fan in my bedroom.

Still to be answered: how installing fewer outlets is supposed to discourage people from buying electrical gizmos. Are the Power Strip Police going to come and take away your extension cords?

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  1. Mister Snitch! »

    2 June 2007 · 5:13 pm

    Yeah, builders should cut the number of installed outlets in half, causing homeowners to overload the existing circuits, burning down (carbonizing) the house. They should then spend the rest of their lives homeless, in a cardboard box under the viaduct, a true zero-cxarbon lifestyle.

  2. unimpressed »

    2 June 2007 · 6:41 pm

    Damn. Mister Snitch! beat me to the comment.

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