It’ll never replace Preparation H

A Twitter account called @SochiMadness turned this up from somewhere:

Alleged Sochi menu

I don’t even want to know what flavor this is. (First person who says “Packed Fudge Ripple” goes to the back of the community toilet.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    7 February 2014 · 7:44 am

    Heh. One of my colleagues recounted a story of when he had some British friends visiting, and they went out for dinner at a restaurant. The waitress had a very strong deep-south-Oklahoma accent, and when they ordered their dessert, she said, “Do yew want that pah ‘alamo’?”

    They couldn’t figure out what pie “alamo” was, and looked blankly at her.

    “Yew know, with ass cream? Yew want ass cream on yer pah?”

    He said now every time he sees them, one of them HAS to say “ass cream” and they all start laughing.

    So maybe this is something like that?

  2. Tatyana »

    8 February 2014 · 9:15 am

    Thea simply meant “Assorted ice cream”!


  3. CGHill »

    8 February 2014 · 11:49 am

    So, multiple flavors then?

  4. Tatyana »

    9 February 2014 · 6:53 am

    Probably. The sentence reads: “Ice cream in assortment”, with abbreviation. “Ass.” means ether that or “association” in Russian.

    Thank god for indecent-sounding foreign language’ words and expressions, they provide easy laughs for comedy-club’ humor. Just yesterday, reading consultant’s proposal, I noticed a last name of an architect-of-record. If read in Russian it means “man’s external genitalia”. I laughed and laughed.

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