Permanent adolescence

There is just so much wrong with this scenario:

Yahoo Answers screenshot: If I made 80K a year lived at home with my parents, had zero bills could I afford a used Lamborghini Gallardo?

That first $25,000 engine rebuild ought to discourage him, but it won’t.

The temptation is to conclude that this guy believes with all his glands that he’s never going to get laid unless he has an exotic car. Of course, living in the parental units’ basement pretty much assures a state of perpetual virginity anyway, and besides he’s Canadian — says so elsewhere on the page — so I’m putting aside my speculation that he’s hard up for health insurance.


  1. fillyjonk »

    20 February 2014 · 9:41 am

    There’s a “racecar bed” joke in that situation somewhere.

    (I’m thinking: if you make $80K a year, shouldn’t your parents be living with YOU? I mean, if they’re retired and stuff. Or at a minimum they should demand a hefty rent.)

  2. McGehee »

    20 February 2014 · 10:51 am

    There’s only one way to make $80,000 a year and have zero bills: tax evasion.

    And that’s only if he doesn’t have to pay a crooked accountant to hide his money for him.

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