Parked outside the yurt

The descendants of the Mongol hordes, they do love their hybrids:

As we drove closer and closer to Ulaanbaatar, a totally new element came to light: the unbelievable frequency of the first two generations Toyota Prius as used right-hand drive Japanese imports. This is even more blatant in the capital, and I saw more first generation Prius in the first 20 minutes I spent in Ulaanbaatar than I did in my entire life before that! Sitting at a busy intersection for no more than 8 minutes, I counted 69 first generation Prius and 75 second generations, making Mongolia the country in the world with the highest penetration of Toyota Prius in its car landscape!

This is not, he hastens to add, because Genghis Khan believed in saving fuel or anything like that:

There’s a simple explanation to this madness: there is no import tax on used hybrid vehicles in Mongolia, and it’s forbidden to import a vehicle aged over 9 years. The equation is simple: the cheapest car to import into Mongolia today is a 2004, 2nd generation Toyota Prius which will see its share of the Mongolian car landscape increase further over the next few years to the detriment of the 1997-2003 first generation which is technically impossible to import anymore.

Ulaanbataar (we learned it back in the Jurassic period as “Ulan Bator”) has just under half of Mongolia’s population of 2.9 million, about as many people as Kansas but somehow squeezed into a space twice the size of Texas.

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