Only the dreggiest

I had mentioned earlier that I was unable to reinstall Adobe Photoshop Elements on the new Win7 box because, well, I couldn’t find the install disk, which wasn’t in its box and wasn’t in my Small Stack O’ Disks. (Adobe recommends against this sort of thing anyway.) So I went further into the stacks and found some horrifying things that should have been consigned to Sheol long before:

  • Windows 98 (retail version)
  • Sony SonicStage CP 4.1
  • Win95 drivers for a Umax parallel-port scanner (no XP drivers were ever issued, and I don’t even have a parallel port anymore)
  • Nero Burning ROM 5.5
  • America Online 6.0 (with 1000 hours free!)
  • America Online 8.0 (with 1045 hours free!)
  • Microsoft Works 8.5

I should probably blowtorch the whole drawer; there are also a couple of dozen unlabeled CD-Rs in there.

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