Wouldn’t want to lose patients, either

In these grammar-challenged days, it took guts for the Oklahoman to put up a story with a title like this:

Oklahoma City treatment center neighbors lose patience over loose patients

The actual article in question deals with runaways — or, more commonly, walkaways — from a psychiatric treatment center located in a predominantly rural area of the city.


  1. fillyjonk »

    10 March 2014 · 9:44 am

    I’m willing to bet at least one English teacher has grabbed that as an example to show their class of “doing it right.”

    (The lose/loose mistake is SO COMMON. Almost as common as the your/you’re mistake)

  2. JT »

    10 March 2014 · 9:47 am

    Kudos to the Daily (checks article date) Sunday Oklahoman for “doing it right”.

  3. Roger Green »

    10 March 2014 · 11:51 am

    LOVE this!

  4. canadienne »

    10 March 2014 · 12:44 pm

    Downloading image for didactic purposes in 3 -2 – 1…

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    30 April 2014 · 6:15 am

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