A standard deduction, perhaps

A tax-preparation package has a fan:

[O]nce again this year I used the online version of TurboTax and if I was female, unmarried, forty years younger, and a science fiction character, I’d have TurboTax’s children. I heart TurboTax.

I have no idea which science-fiction character, of course. (Maybe Tam’s “Podkayne of Des Moines”?)

This ointment, however, contains a very distinct fly:

But their service is obviously designed for people of all, um, levels of sentience.

No, I won’t spoil it for you.


  1. Lynn »

    26 March 2014 · 9:38 am

    We stopped using TurboTax nearly 20 years ago when it would not allow us to not have children still in day care. Because we had had children in day care the previous year it insisted that we must still have children in day care and simply would not let us not claim day care expenses that we didn’t have anymore. The programmers were apparently unaware of the fact that children grow up. I’m sure that and other problems we had with it have been fixed many versions ago but I’m not a very forgiving person when it comes to products that suck.

  2. ms7168 »

    26 March 2014 · 1:29 pm

    I personally don’t see a reason to buy a tax preparation program. There are a number of sites now where you can do your taxes and e-file them that are just as good or better and certainly cheaper. Most of them will hose you on the State. Federal is free but State costs a pretty penny. My personal favorites are Tax Slayer and Tax Act.

  3. McGehee »

    26 March 2014 · 6:04 pm

    My mother-in-law still uses TurboTax that she buys and installs on her computer. It won’t let her complete her return because one of TT’s “partners” hasn’t finalized a necessary form. In March 2014. For her 2013 taxes.

    Now, I don’t know for sure who this “partner” is, but I’m betting it once had an employee named Lois Lerner.

    Wife of Slog has been doing our taxes online, not with TurboTax. Our return went through without a hitch.

    I suspect Mother-in-Law of Slog may consider switching her filing platform next year.

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