Connect for?

Yesterday, the surfer dudes who host this site sent word that they’d pulled down all of my stuff on Server A and moved it to some Server B, which they assure me is a Good Thing:

Our new server clusters are running a more recent version of both Debian and Apache. It is also being transitioned from a 32bit server to a 64bit one. If you don’t know what this means, it probably won’t cause any issues with your services. If you’re doing anything fancy that relies on software that’s changed (such as custom PHP), you may need to get with the times and upgrade your site software.

Actually, I was on an older 64-bit server, running vanilla PHP 5.4.20, but hey, I’ll take it.

This move landed me on a whole new IP address, which shouldn’t matter to anyone once DNS is finished propagating. It did, however, upset my security team, which duly sent me out a note to let me know that they’d seen it, and please respond with instructions if any. Nice to know they’re on the ball.

Today I got home and had zero connectivity, to that IP or anywhere else. Usually I figure it’s a local outage, wait an hour, and try again. Didn’t work this time, so I called Cox, which decided to subject me to their Automated System. I had a bit of trouble understanding the canned voice — perhaps they ought to give it something of an accent instead of a stock AnchorBot™ timbre — and that undoubtedly prolonged the experience, but she did ask the right questions and provide the correct answers, so there’s that. (And no, it wasn’t a neighborhood outage, at least by then.)

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