Lies per hour

I am becoming persuaded that Barack Obama, once he leaves office in 2017, should head up a car company, just so he can get a good look at the godawful malfeasance of his erstwhile acolytes:

The battery-powered Tesla Model S is one of the world’s fastest and quietest luxury cars, but you might not know the latter if you watched the 60 Minutes interview with Tesla founder Elon Musk that first aired on Sunday.

Now CBS says it regrets the “error” that led to that impression.

Error, schmerror. This was either a deliberate hit or the most blatant act of stupidity in auto coverage since — well, since 60 Minutes decided to take out Audi. Get a whiff of this:

Following an introductory segment by Scott Pelley, whose wife owns a Model S, there is a series of shots provided by Tesla of a Model S driving down a road accompanied by the out-of-sync sounds of an internal combustion engine and the shifting of a transmission.

The Model S has neither of these things.

Nice fakery, CBS. Not quite up to the level of what you did to Audi, though:

Ed Bradley’s 17 minute “investigative report” aired on November 23, 1986. Between interviews of the teary-eyed “victims” (drivers) of unintended acceleration swearing their feet were on the brake pedal, CBS showed a clip of a driverless Audi lurching forward on its own.

Viewers didn’t get to see the canister of compressed air on the passenger-side floor with a hose running to a hole drilled in the transmission. An “expert” had rigged the Rube Goldberg device to shift the big Audi into drive and, like any automatic-equipped car, move forward (unless the brakes are depressed).

Edward R. Murrow is doing about 1800 rpm, even as we speak.

(Via Bayou Renaissance Man.)


  1. Keef Wivaneff »

    3 April 2014 · 1:06 pm

    No need to fake anything withe Tesla it DOES have FAULTY BRAKES and when the brake pedal sinks to the floor it is all too easy to hit the accelerator as well…….

  2. CGHill »

    3 April 2014 · 1:29 pm

    You’d think that if CBS had heard about this, they’d have come up with something resembling a demonstration.

  3. Keef Wivaneff »

    3 April 2014 · 1:38 pm

    Well then….give CBS a call tell them Keef sent you!

    (keef has commented)

    Maybe tell them about the TITANIUM ARMOR PLATING as well!

    (you guessed it…..Keef has commented here as well)
    Careful you don’t upset the Church of Eloon
    Them fundamentalists are CRAZY!

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