Perhaps she thought it was easy

Or maybe it was the only tool she had:

The Carter County [Tennessee] Sheriff’s Office says a substitute teacher is behind bars after allegations surfaced that she stapled three students at Central Elementary School. The incident happened Monday, according to Sheriff Chris Mathes.

Deputies arrested Alisha Lynn Cook, 43, of Elizabethton and charged her with three counts of simple assault Tuesday afternoon. According to Sheriff Mathes the victims were physically stapled by the substitute teacher.

This is why she’ll never climb above substitute status: for a full-time gig, you need to learn how to use duct tape.

(Via Interested-Participant.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    4 April 2014 · 7:13 am

    She….stapled…..them? With, like, a desk stapler? Did she try to staple their mouths closed? Or staple their hands? I need more detail.

    I had kids in Youth Group who’d try to staple their own hands. I presume they’ve ruled out self-stapling then blamed on teacher.

    I will confess I’ve had a few students in lab I would have been tempted to attach to the wall (by stapling through their clothing, not their flesh) if I had a staple gun.

  2. CGHill »

    4 April 2014 · 7:22 am

    It’s not really clear, but it sounds like she just shoved the stapler against kidskin and then pushed.

  3. Tatyana »

    6 April 2014 · 9:56 am

    FJ, yesterday I so wished to have a stapler with me (and to be brave enough to use it)!
    Was conducting a professional exam (12hrs on feet) for 38 candidate for licensure. Got shovelful of harassment and one case of verbal abuse for my care.
    If I have some strength left tonight I’ll write about it – but all I was able to think yesterday by 9pm: how Erica does it! She must be Jeanne D’Arc of education.

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