Something of a hurry

We roundball fans tend to whine about back-to-back game scheduling, especially when it comes to our home team tiring late in that second game. But we can’t imagine what’s about to happen to an NHL team:

The [Columbus] Blue Jackets play their final home game [today] against Phoenix, then fly out immediately to Dallas, where their March 10 contest was suspended when the Stars’ Rich Peverley collapsed on the bench. Per NHL rules, the suspended game will start completely over — only with the Blue Jackets retaining the 1-0 lead they had about seven minutes in when the medical emergency ended play.

Adding to the curious nature of the replayed game, the Blue Jackets’ Nathan Horton might not play because of a lower-body injury. So since his goal from the game is retained, he might get credit for a score in a game in which he did not officially play.

Which is mind-numbing enough, but this is what follows:

After the rematch with the Stars is completed, the Blue Jackets take their charter jet to the Sunshine State, where they play Tampa Bay on Friday and Florida on Saturday.

To earn the franchise’s second postseason trip in its 13 seasons, the Blue Jackets must survive four games in four cities over the span of 99 hours.

At least they have Thursday to, um, practice, unless that’s a really slow plane.

One is forced to wonder: “What would Gregg Popovich do?”

(Via this Costa Tsiokos tweet.)


  1. nightfly »

    8 April 2014 · 4:34 pm

    It’s not entirely unprecedented. The NHL playoffs used to regularly schedule four games in five nights during the playoffs. Typically you’d see Games 1 & 2 back-to-back at the higher seed’s arena, one off day of travel, then Games 3 & 4 at the lower seed’s arena.

    Case in point: In 1980, the Big Bad Boston Bruins finished their year as follows:

    4/5 – regular season loss in Montreal
    4/6 – regular season win at home
    4/8 – playoff loss at home
    4/10 – playoff win at home
    4/12 – playoff loss at Pittsburgh
    4/13 – playoff win at Pittsburgh
    4/14 – playoff win at home
    4/16 – playoff loss at home
    4/17 – playoff loss at home
    4/19 – playoff loss at Long Island
    4/21 – playoff win at Long Island
    4/22 – playoff loss at home
    4/23 – 10/08 – golf.

    That is 12 NHL games in 18 days, including a stretch of five playoff games in six days. Where Columbus has them beat is the travel, as the Jackets’ games are all in different towns. Boston did have to win two do-or-die games in two different cities on consecutive nights, and then after an off-day play back-to-back against the eventual Stanley Cup champions, so there’s that.

  2. CGHill »

    8 April 2014 · 5:15 pm

    That’s definitely arduous. (I can just barely deal with the local AHL squad, which called four different Canadian towns home before wandering down here and drawing two-thirds the attendance.)

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