Woot unto others

This situation is less hypothetical than you might think:

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you and some co-workers (about 5 people, friends who you socialize with outside the office) are watching the Woot-Off. Let’s say you refresh your screen, and you discover the beloved Bog of Crop. Do you:

  1. Instantly alert your co-workers, so that you all have a maximum chance at the bags, or
  2. Quietly get your order in, then alert the others.

To my knowledge, there are four wooters at 42nd and Treadmill, and two of them weren’t actually monitoring the situation. The other two (in more or less adjacent offices) did in fact score Broken Ogre Combs, and they did so rather loudly, as I recall.

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  1. Thomas Pfau »

    6 June 2007 · 12:46 pm

    I was following the woot-off as closely as possible and had just about given in to the possibility that they weren’t offering BOCs any more. None appeared during the previous woot-off.

    For 15 minutes, I was pulled away from the computer to attend to something else. In that 15 minutes, the previous slow moving woot ended and the BOC came and went.

    Maybe next time.

    To answer your question, I couldn’t say for sure as I don’t know anyone else around here that woots. I’d probably at least start ordering mine first, though.

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