Imitation Chrome

Says Mozilla of Firefox 29:

We reimagined and redesigned Firefox to reflect how you use the Web today and we are excited to introduce many features including an elegant and fun design, new menu, customization mode and an enhanced Firefox Sync service powered by Firefox Accounts.

Says Tatyana of Firefox 29:

The whole interface now looks awful: tabs are not just slim slots, but take double vertical space in on my laptop screen; things I previously had in the top menu are now hidden under “open menu-3-horisontal-lines” button, instead icons I DON’T need now take up prominent real estate. In short, the screen now looks just like a hateful Chrome browser. Hey, Mozilla! There was a reason we chose to be your customers instead of Google Chrome‚Äôs!

“Oh, boy, a whole new interface!” said no one ever.

Another customer for Pale Moon? We shall see.


  1. Dan Tobias »

    4 May 2014 · 8:02 am

    I hear the newest Chrome is hiding the address bar altogether, making it hard to even find out what actual URL you’re at. I hope Firefox doesn’t imitate that too.

    Why is it that tech products/services seem so intent on becoming clones of one another? For instance, every redesign of Facebook and Twitter tries harder to make the two identical-looking, even though they’re used for very different things.

  2. Tatyana »

    4 May 2014 · 11:00 am

    I am not sure I understood your instructions, Chaz.

  3. McGehee »

    4 May 2014 · 11:07 am

    I encountered some hitches with Pale Moon and have gone back to Cyberfox. When someday I have to switch to the future different profile protocol its coders have warned about, so be it.

  4. McGehee »

    4 May 2014 · 11:14 am

    …huh. The new profile protocol took effect with the already-released next version of Cyberfox after the one I am currently using. I’ll need to get on that, I guess.

  5. CGHill »

    4 May 2014 · 11:50 am

    They’re all out to get us.

    To move from Firefox to Pale Moon:

    1. Download Pale Moon and the Profile Migration Tool (see #4).

    2. Close Firefox.

    3. Install Pale Moon, but do not start it.

    4. Run Pale Moon’s Profile Migration Tool:

    5. Start Pale Moon.

    6. Forget Firefox.

    At least, this is how it worked for me.

  6. McGehee »

    4 May 2014 · 2:14 pm

    The Cyberfox profile migrater worked quite nicely for me.

  7. McGehee »

    4 May 2014 · 2:16 pm

    …but I did have to start the new Cyberfox and tell it not to get a profile from IE or Chrome, before the migrater could find a Cyberfox to migrate to.

  8. Jan »

    4 May 2014 · 8:53 pm

    I use the add-on Simple White. It solves most of the problems.

  9. miriam »

    5 May 2014 · 9:35 pm

    Apple just released a new OS for the iPhone; now Facetime is not supported on older versions.

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