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In case you were wondering about the Secret of Adulthood:

You do things you’d really rather not do because you know on some level it’s expected of you.

Yep. It’s that whole doggone Responsibility thing, which actual grownups understand, and children — who may be older than I am, actually — simply cannot, or will not, comprehend.

Not that it’s all that wonderful, I suppose:

(Note: This is the 1988 remake, from the Love Junk album, produced by Todd Rundgren. The 1986 original looked like this. I mention this because I have Canadian readers who can call me out on it.)

And there’s this:

Now that I think of it — I often complain that when I was a kid, I expected there’d be some kind of Manual of Adulthood I’d be issued on my 18th birthday or so to help me figure it out. Now, I think if such a manual existed? Eighteen-year-olds all over the world would be running screaming from adulthood.

Rather a lot of them are doing that now.

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  1. McGehee »

    9 May 2014 · 9:17 am

    By the time I had reached nominal adulthood I had already amassed 12 years of experience in doing things I’d rather not do “because they were expected of me:” Grades 1 through 12. There’s your manual.

    Nowe I do the things I’d rather not do because I know that not doing them carries consequences that would be even worse to deal with. That’s what being an adult means.

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