Language mavens can’t believe their I’s

Not three of them in a row, anyway:

It sounds like a made-up malady like the dreaded “bonitis” from Futurama, but apparently some Wii gamers are truly suffering from a condition known as Wiiitis. The condition, which seems to be caused by overuse of Nintendo Wii, was recently described in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Julio Bonis had seen a “couch potato” patient with a sore shoulder who had recently played a great deal of Wii Tennis and described that the “variant in this patient can be labeled more specifically as Wiiitis.”

Unlike the dreaded bonitis, Wiiitis is apparently non-lethal:

“The treatment consisted of ibuprofen for one week, as well as complete abstinence from playing Wii video games,” the doctor wrote.

There hasn’t been a game-system-related disease since a number of seizures were reported by avid players of Grand Mal Auto a few years back.


  1. Venomous Kate »

    7 June 2007 · 3:09 pm

    When we first got our Eye Toy, I played so much of the boxing game with my son that I wound up with two very sore elbows. VH had to brush my teeth for me for 4 days, because I couldn’t even move my arms!

  2. Electric Venom »

    7 June 2007 · 6:09 pm

    Nine Nibbles Well After Noon

    Need a reason to skip work tomorrow? Tell your boss you’ve got a case of Wiiitis.

  3. Dwayne "the canoe guy" »

    8 June 2007 · 9:22 am

    Gotchya beat on this one…I tore the cartilage in my knee playing Nintendo! Had to have surgery to repair a ‘bucket-handle’ tear. On crutches for weeks and the thing still pops at times.

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