More money around the horseshoe

According to the original charter of the city of Oklahoma City, the Mayor got $1000 a year and Council members were paid $20 per session. This has been increased a bit over the years; the Mayor now pulls down $24k a year, and your Council member earns a yearly salary of $12k.

Six charter changes will be on the ballot this fall, and probably the most controversial is No. 4, which would double those salaries. The reaction from NewsOK readers has been mixed.

This month in Oklahoma Today, there’s a roundup of everything that’s been going on here in the Big Breezy, and one article closes with this bit:

“Things are really, really good right now,” says the city’s mayor, Mick Cornett. “I look at what our city leaders, chamber of commerce, business leaders, and previous mayors have done. We took some risks and made some right decisions, and our citizens have supported a lot of really key decisions. And I say, ‘You know what? We deserve it’.”

Cornett obviously wasn’t talking about the charter proposals, which didn’t exist as such until today’s Council meeting, but I figure, if we keep going forward at this breakneck pace, they’ve pretty much earned their extra $120k. Politically, it might have been wiser to scale it up in increments, but I suspect that there’s going to be at least as much “Is that all they get?” as “They want what?

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